Vending Solutions

With national coverage through a network of carefully selected independent vending operators. We can provide the fully managed solution, or quite simply the equipment, based upon individual requirement.

From a choice of hot beverage, cold drinks, snack and hot or cold food equipment, you will have choice. We cover the whole range at affordable prices.

We are also introducing “Basils Kitchen” a brand new zero wastage automated hot food offer, please see our innovations page for more detail or contact us via

The vending industry is changing. Clients expect a lot more than an instant cup of coffee or a fresh brew cup of tea. Their expectation is to emulate the high street, they want the retail offers, Bean to cup coffee offers, offering that additional shot, snack and cold beverage merchandisers that can provide meal deals, standalone water vendors, the perception is that the water is cleaner and in most cases it is. Equipment needs to be future proofed, wave and pay technology, mobile phone payment systems as well as cash. 30% of us do not carry cash. Allergen labeling is now compulsory; therefore machines will have to display this.

There are also ways that catering and vending can work together. Where there is a catering presence, the on site catering teams can manage the daily filling and cleaning of the equipment.

Where you have a mixture of sites, catered along with remote vending sites, Café works Ltd would work with the catering company to provide the most beneficial vending solution appropriate for the site.

Catering and vending have to be seamless, there should not be any conflict of interest, the offer has to transparent. If for example vending has a food offer on a catered site, we would agree the hours of operation, i.e. an out of hours offering, which in turn could save money providing that the offer was the right one, or could even be a replacement for a flagging service, breakfast or nights as an example. The vending and catering offer has to be seamless, good value and consistently exceed expectations.

Vending is no longer the poor relation to catering, it now compliments it and should be seamless so that the end result for the client / customer, is to receive the best value added service offer possible.

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We deliver a lot more than an instant cup of coffee or a fresh brew cup of tea.