Greenfields Farm Shop – Coffee Shop Offer

Priorslee in Telford

farmer-shopFollowing on from a coffee machine demo at a garden centre close to where I live, I popped into the local farm shop just to buy a couple of things. I noticed that the shop sold home made sandwiches, and suggested that it might be a good idea to offer coffee as part of a meal deal with a sandwich.

Rachel the Manager liked the idea and asked if I could provide a machine as part of a trial.

I had recently acquired a Black and White cool, fully automatic Bean to Cup machine, and suggested that I trialed it for a limited period on a rental basis to establish if it was a worthwhile proposition.

Well what a great success, local businesses, parents dropping their children off at school, passing traffic who could purchase a tastier, less expensive coffee than at the local Starbucks, would drop into the shop not just to buy great tasting coffee and sandwiches, but to buy other provisions while they were at the shop, therefore increasing customers spend per head.

It really is as simple as that to increase your spend per head and to add to your customer base with one very simple solution!

I also use the site for trialing different coffees from alternative suppliers to ensure that I provide the best ethically sourced coffee beans from the smaller suppliers, greatly improving prices and quality.