Options 2, Northampton

case-study2I received a call from a training company, Options 2 based in Northampton. The company is a partner of choice for the recruitment industry across the UK.

I made an appointment to see Jayne and Nicola, the following week.

Their current situation at that time was that they provided hot and cold beverages to their clients who were attending training courses, however they made the drinks themselves and this was becoming almost a full time job for the staff member that was employed to do other things.

I approached them with a few viable options from self-management of new vending equipment, to a fully managed vending operated service.

They asked me to pursue the fully managed operated service route, which I did.

From my long list of contacts from within the vending industry, and from my own experiences from working in the industry for 30 plus years, I tendered the business out to a couple of suppliers, local to the area, who I had had dealings with before. I then presented the options to Jayne and Nicola, together we agreed on the supplier of choice.

This saved Jayne and Nicola a lot of time that they could not really afford due to constraints of their time, along with Jayne being out visiting the 6 of their offices across the UK.

If you need help deciding upon your requirements for the provision of a Hot and Cold Beverage, snack and hot food vending solution, please e mail us at to see how we can best advise and provide the best solution for your organisations however large or small.